No Title

I was your angel in foreign wings
Your age long smile in hills and fancy,
I was the love you had
Primed in what was real
Natural in every walk of spirits.

But you are the blind and wishful taste on your tongue,
Gulping your sweetness
Yet forgetting the void in your soul.
I smell the scent of many lives
And the fool in time present
Locked in another cloak.

If time is fair,
Your aura would be strange,
If life is nice
Then wings of yesterday will fly today,
If you had remained a spirit
Then I would not waste the ink
Drawn from my inkwell.

I am sane, natural and whole
Hoping you birth yourself in another form,
For time is no lover
And you’re not the best
But the one my heart says yes to
So let’s ride now, or throw the keys into oblivion
For eons did not stop our hearts
Neither has birth changed us,
But I’ll rather throw these keys
Into an illusion of now than yesterday or tomorrow….

written by AP